Looking for a 2nd Shooter?

Style of Shooting:
I am classified as a Light & Airy" photographer. I try to get the image as close as possible to real life, in camera. When it comes to the wedding day, I am not invasive. I tend to stay on the out perimeter of the ceremony site, with the occasional stepping into the aisle for a few close up shots. During the receptions, I love to have fun and am often caught singing along with every song I know and may pop in a time or two for some "Cupid Shuffle" or "The Electric Slide." With my camera always in hand, I am able to capture some awesome up close party dancing shots!

How I Shoot: 
A question I've recently been asked a lot is how  I shoot during the ceremony & reception and where I stand. For all of the weddings I've second shot, the majority of the time, I am standing on the same side as the lead capturing the precessional as they're entering the aisle and grabbing a shot of the back as they walk towards the front. Same with the bride's entrance. I will actually step in back of the aisle to capture a well-framed shot of the bride and her dad walking down the aisle towards the groom. And, if I have enough time and space, will follow them up about 1/2 way down the aisle to capture the groom's face between the bride & father's heads. I try to pay really close attention throughout the ceremony to where the lead is, so that I'm not in the shot and also not shooting the same angles. During the first kiss, if the lead is shooting wide, I shoot tight, and vice versa. I will then stay at the back of the aisle and capture the recessional of the whole wedding party and everyone that was escorted in and all of the guests hugging in celebration. I try to not overshoot during the ceremony, as a lot of times the images will start to feel the same. I tend to prefer my 85, 50, and 100 lenses during the ceremony and am constantly switching throughout, which is great for variety! 

For the reception entrances, I will always review the scene with the lead to see what makes the most sense for where each of us should be. There are times, where only the lead needs to shoot the entrances, so I will end up shooting alongside them as insurance. During the dances, I again, tend to stay out of the line of sight from the lead so we are not getting in each other's frames. 

Canon 5d iii
Canon5dii (Backup body)
Canon 24-70mm 2.8L ii
Canon 85mm 1.4 L
Canon 100mm 2.8L 
Canon 50mm 1.4
Canon 450 ii Flash (backup flash)
Platinum Advance Off Camera Flash (x4)
Side note: These flashes are made by Godox and have an internal transmitter and are compatible with other Godox and Flashpoint speedlights. 

Fun Facts:
I LOVE shooting details for ceremony AND receptions and have actually mentored other photographers to learn how to use their OCF system to achieve similar results! PS - If you're reading this and don't love off camera flash work, or you have the equipment for it, but it's not something you've taken the time to really lear, I am MORE than happy to teach you everything I know!!! 

I also frequently rent lenses, lighting, and bodies, as needed, while I am upgrading and building my gear. 

Let me first start by saying that Katelyn James is my idol! She has inspired me in areas of my life, both in and outside of photography. Her courses are incredibly in depth and have literally transformed my work. I have taken her Lighting & Locations Course, Posing Course, Consistency Course, and am also enrolled in her All Access where new content is uploaded on a monthly basis. All Access allows for continued education during the off-season and is a wonderful way to continually be inspired by my favorite artist!

Body of Work:
Most photographers I work with want to see a minimum of 3 full galleries. Well, me being me, I am awful at narrowing down my favorite galleries and have linked my full client gallery page reflecting most of this past year's work and 1 or two odd ball galleries that were transferred from my previous hosting site. 

Let me first explain that Instagram is not my friend, or rather I'm not its friend. I do the majority of my networking with vendors directly, so I don't spend much time posting Insta as some may like. However, what you will see on there will be a mixture of personal and work-related posts. Just don't judge me for those cute cell phone shots of my boys! ;) 

My name is Kristen Campbell, I’m the owner of CK Photography and I am a professional wedding photographer who recently relocated from Charleston, SC to Petaluma, CA due to a military transfer. I have been a photographer for 10 years. Within the last 3 years, I realized my passion for weddings and now specialize in wedding photography and couples. In the last 5 years, I have photographed over 140 weddings, with 45 of those being within the last 18 months. I am extremely comfortable working independently, photographing the groom's details, groom portraits, and groomsmen portraits. I work extremely well under pressure and can pull out some miracles when in a time crunch. I would love the opportunity to speak with you directly on developing a working relationship with you as your second shooter!