Hannah & Layne | A Romantic Elopement | DIY Floral Arrangements

Some brides have dreamed of their wedding day since early childhood and have more than one Pinterest board filled with all of the ideas they would love to have for their wedding day. Everyone, meet Hannah! She’d been planning the most elegant rustic wedding with twinkle lights to illuminate the reception site. Well, when Layne popped the question *almost* a month ago, those Pinterest boards flew out the internet window! (haha, get it??) It wasn’t them. A big elaborate wedding isn’t who they are as a couple, and weddings are supposed to reflect your personalities right?

As we were talking about plans for the wedding, one of the things she mentioned was how she’d been dreaming of wearing her mother’s wedding dress for as long as she could remember! When Layne proposed, Hannah tried on her mom’s dress for the first time, and it fit her PERFECTLY! This is especially amazing because Hannah is 1 of 8 children and family is the most important thing to her! So, for her to be able to wear her mother’s wedding dress, was the perfect way to carry on the legacy of her parents’ marriage!

The wedding took place on a military base in Petaluma, CA. This base is so beautiful and surrounded by hills, fields full of wild flowers, and a gazebo situated on a lake. This is where Hannah & Layne tied the knot. The gazebo was decorated with garlands made up of an assortment of branches from trees they collected from around the base and lots

and lots of baby’s breath. Not only were those DIY, but so were the bouquets, boutonnieres, and 5 flower crowns using baby’s breath and seeded eucalyptus for herself, mom, and siblings! Everything came together so beautifully and I am so honored that they let me join them on such a special occasion surrounded by her family in such an intimate ceremony! By the way, her dad is a great multitasker! He walked her down the aisle, gave her away, AND performed the ceremony!


February 27, 2019

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