Choosing a Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping, at least for me, was one of my favorite parts of my wedding planning process. I had ideas going into the bridal shop of what I wanted, and honestly didn’t expect to choose a dress that same day. Looking back, there are a couple of things I wish I had known and done a little differently.

1.) Make sure you can sit comfortably in your dress! I did not think about the times I would need to be sitting down during the day, and my corset made it a bit challenging to sit down during dinner.

2.) Consider a dress that is not “pure white.” Pure white dresses will have a blue tint to them when photographed. While this can sometimes be fixed in post-processing, choosing a dress in an off-white color can be a great way to ensure your dress photographs white.

3.) Have your seamstress add a simple bustle. Keeping the bustle simple will get you back out on that dance floor and make it easy for anyone to do without having to practice beforehand.

4.) Hemming the dress. Do not hem the dress until you have your wedding shoes picked out. Doing this will cause the dress to either be too short or too long.

5.) Pick a dress for you. Picking your wedding dress sets the whole theme for your wedding. Choose something that represents you and your personality! Don’t settle for anything less than a dress you LOVE!

Cheers & Happy Planning!


June 14, 2019

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