Hunter | An Easter Session

To say that Justin & Melanie are very special to our family is an understatement! It’s hard to even know where to begin to be honest. From the very beginning of our friendship, Justin supported this dream of mine and ultimately helped me launch this business! It also helps that we share the same birthday! 😉 But, he’s been there for our family when I was pregnant and helped us build the crib that would one day be passed on from Mason to Liam, and then onto “Baby Hunter.” Melanie….where to start? This amazing woman and I met officially over FaceTime when she and Justin first started dated. But, it really wasn’t all that long after that we exchanged numbers and started texting. Especially when she and Justin found out they were expecting!! She was never really a stranger, if that makes sense? It’s always been easy with her and I was blessed to have been able to do their maternity photos! What’s funny is that Melanie pointed out that today’s weather was soooo similar to that of her maternity session. It was chilly and SUPER windy! Yep, that was today! Really windy and definitely on the chilly side in the shade! Hunter was a champ through it all and he has such a big personality! As you’ll see, he has so many faces and I love being able to share just a few with you!

I love these! He has so many facial expressions!

There’s nothing like popping bubbles!!

I LOVE this image!!!

This last one was a special request from Justin. He wanted to make sure we were able to capture the amazing view we get to experience living on base! “hang on to your hat, bud!”

Hunter, buddy, you’re making me want to reconsider specializing in weddings, and bringing families back into the mix! I love you and cannot wait to watch you grow up!



April 9, 2019

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