The Window Effect

When you are planning a wedding, there is SO much to think about! As a bride, you invest so much into your wedding photography and I bet you want those images to be as gorgeous as possible! While professional photographers should be able to work with any type of lighting scenario they are surrounded by, there are some things you, as a bride, can to do help! Today, I’m just talking about the “getting ready” part of the day. One of my favorite moments of the day is when the bride is getting into her dress while mom tears up in the corner and all of the brides maids start squealing because it’s really happening! These incredible moments deserve to have amazing light too, don’t you think?!
It really doesn’t take much. Just one window is all I need. One window that allows the light to pour into the room that creates this really soft and pretty light we will use to make your getting ready images come to life! Some of you may be asking “Well, what if I’m getting ready at a church?” You know what? It’s totally fine! I have absolutely NO issues snooping around to find us an area we can use to get you ready. Don’t you worry, if I have to look in every room in the building, I will do just that until I find our window!
For the most part, I know brides are not photographers, so I understand that this may not seem important…but it is. I actually plan all of your portraits around what the light is doing, regardless of if it’s indoor or outdoor lighting. So, brides, regardless of whether you are getting ready in a hotel, church, or your home, look for the LIGHT! I’m actually going to be showing you some examples in a moment in different getting ready locations so you can understand more about what I’m talking about!
Two other quick tips that make this part of the day picture perfect are this:
1.) Have the area around the window CLEAN and free of clutter. No one wants to have flip flops, water bottles, and bags in their images!
2.) Make sure the bridesmaids and your mom are IN their dresses before it’s time for you to get YOUR dress on! This will have a more unified feel of the images, especially when it comes to your album spreads!

February 28, 2019

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